Why A New Christmas Tree Stand Could Be Your Best Holiday Investment

When it comes to Christmas trees, most consumers are primarily concerned with aesthetics. In spite of all the warnings that are doled out each and every year, there are even a number of people who continue to use the wooden bases that are hammed into their trees on the tree lot for support. These structures are not meant to nurture or stabilize a freshly cut tree on a long-term basis. More importantly, without a sturdy and well-designed Christmas tree stand, a fresh-cut tree will quickly dry out and lose its appeal.

Keeping Your Tree In Top Condition

christmas tree

Surprisingly, the most important thing that a Christmas tree stand can do for your holiday display, is not to merely keep it upright. Even the most basic stand models have wide bowls at their bases that are used for holding water. Much like putting flowers in a vase after these have been cut and brought home, placing your Christmas tree in an appropriate stand and giving it plenty of fresh water will preserve its aesthetic appeal. It will also prevent the needles and bark from drying out. When paired with the heat of string lights, dry needles and branches can be a very dangerous combination. This is especially problematic given that many consumers love dozing off to sleep under the soft glow of their Christmas lights and many families routinely opt leave these on for an extended period of time.

Tree Aesthetics

Many people have an incredible eye for design and each year, their decorated trees top the displays of every year prior. In order to create a truly impressive Christmas tree design, however, it is vital to start with a good foundation. When it comes to a lopsided tree, no matter how cleverly it is decorated, the first thing that people will notice is that you have a lopsided tree.

Keeping the same Christmas tree stand year after year is rarely a good idea. Given that these are filled with standing water, subjected to heat and considerable changes in temperature throughout the years, different components can begin to rust and fray. Some parts of a Christmas tree stand will even become too sticky and tacky with tree sap to function optimally. Thus, when you head out to the lot this holiday season, it is important to remember that one of the best possible holiday investments you can make is a new Christmas tree stand. These products can preserve the look and integrity of your tree, prevent fires and keep your tree upright and exactly where it should be.

Resident Safety

A Christmas tree stand will also need to provide adequate support for the tree so that it remains stable, even when it is being strung with lights, adorned with ornaments and hung with ribbons, bells or candy canes. Christmas trees are likely to get bumped and jostled quite a bit and few of these are cut evenly. A good Christmas tree stand will balance out the weight of this towering structure, keep it upright and prevent it from tipping and spilling. When small children reach excitedly beneath the tree’s branches in search of their Christmas gifts, adults can rest at ease, knowing that their trees will stay in tact and that they will not topple over.