Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand – Review

Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand – Review

If you are not looking for a special Christmas tree stand, but you want a sturdy one built like a tank, the Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand should suit your needs. It’s base it’s robust and well constructed so the legs have a good welded grip, offering support for trees over 9 foot tall. The ring for the screws is also sturdy, providing a good solid base for the screws to tighten the tree trunk.

The water reservoir can hold up to two gallons of water, and you just might need that amount regarding the size of the trees this stand can hold. This could change significantly the amount of needles that drop on the floor, since the water is lasting longer, reducing the chance to leave the Christmas tree thirsty. As a little tip, given the fact this stand is constructed exclusively with metal, dry it up well before storing for next year, and grease the bolts with some vaseline or engine oil; any engine oil will do, buy the cheapest you can find if you don’t have some around. The feet are covered with tiny red plastic socks, so it won’t scratch the floor and it won’t get slippery on ceramic floors.

Setting the tree up in it’s stand, is as easy as you expect it to be, you don’t even have to straighten the base of the tree trunk, although it’s advised to because it might not reach the water when the level drops. After placing the tree in the middle of the Christmas tree stand, keep it up straight with one hand and begin to tighten the screws with the other hand, one by one, 2-3 spins each until the screws are evenly placed around the trunk. If you release the tree and it doesn’t remain in perfectly vertical position, you must loosen up a bit the screw on the opposite side from where it’s leaning to, and tighten the opposite one.

One inconvenient could be the size; if you choose the large model the base has an almost 30 inch base. But again, this Christmas tree stand is built for large trees so they could easily cover it.

If you want a large tree, and don’t want any jiggly, rotating, singing, spinning plastic stands, but settle for a sturdy one, this could be the best Christmas tree stand for you with it’s lifetime guarantee.

Another quick tip
If you don't like how the stand shows under your tree, you could buy a led lighted tree skirt or a simpler model to cover the tree stand. This way you will enhance the beauty of the Christmas tree, and also hide the stand and it's water reservoir.

Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand – Review













            • Extremely durable and sturdy
            • Lifetime warranty
            • Huge water reservoir
            • No rust
            • Very stable once the tree is set


            • Slightly bigger than you expect
            • Plastic socks could crack with years

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