National Tree 28-Inch Folding Tree Stand – Review

National Tree 28-Inch Folding Tree Stand – Review

This tree stand delivers: a sturdy stand that folds away

Reusable, artificial Christmas trees are the best. Now we can enjoy a beautiful tree without watering all season long, and then pack it away conveniently for next year. Some of them even come “pre-lit”, saving the arduous task of stringing lights in and out of all the branches. We just stand it up, plug it in, and BAM: instant holiday cheer. Somebody please pass the cocoa…

Of course, A great tree deserves a great stand: one that supports it, displays attractively, and stores easily when the holidays are over. There’s nothing worse than a tree stand that barely stands up. Unless it’s the tacky behemoth that grandma used to attempt to hide with a “festive” cloth. Why does a good stand have to be ugly and cumbersome? It’s a decoration after all, and it still needs to be attractive. And you don’t want to have to find a giant spot for it in the attic the rest of the year. There’s enough stuff up there already.

The good news is, there really are great artificial Christmas tree stands available out there, if you know where to look. National Tree Company, for instance, has the perfect stand for a tree that’s 7.5 to 8 feet tall. It’s strong enough to securely hold the tree, but with a simple, unobtrusive design. At only 28 inches, it won’t take up too much of that important gift space underneath the tree. Presents beside the tree just aren’t the same — everyone knows they are supposed to go under a beautiful bough. The last thing we need is a tree stand taking up all that valuable real estate. This stand does it’s job and stays out of the way.

Yet for something so simple and utilitarian, it far exceeds expectations in the style department. Sleek, simple lines go with any decor. And its folding capabilities mean it’s stronger than other types of stands. When it unfolds it actually reinforces itself with its double-walled design. Still despite its sparse look, this stand is heavier and sturdier than similar products on the market. The whole thing is secured with hefty screws. And the big base and rubber stoppers on the bottom keep it from tipping or wobbling around. This is for sure a well-made, high-quality stand that will last for years and years.

Perhaps the best part of all: it folds completely flat, so we can just slip it onto the shelf with the ornaments in January. No more separate shelf just to store something we only use once a year. No more wondering where on earth we’re gonna find a box the right size and shape. Just fold it up and put it away. Easy-peasy, Mr. Freezy.

An artificial tree is an investment worth protecting. And Christmas is way more fun without the worry of the tree potentially falling over. This stand does the job and looks good doing it, then quietly slips into the cupboard until next year. Hooray for things that work! In an increasingly jaded and complicated world, it’s a Christmas miracle.

For these types of stands we recommend a Christmas tree skirt, just take a look into these items.

National Tree 28-Inch Folding Tree Stand – Review













            • Foldable, easy to store
            • Very durable
            • Very stable


            • No water reservoir

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