Rotating Tree Stand for Trees Up To 7.5 Feet Tall – Review

Rotating Tree Stand for Trees Up To 7.5 Feet Tall – Review

As sketchy as it sounds, a rotating Christmas tree stand could be as strong as a normal tree stand. Of course, the rotating mechanism is not ultra durable, but with no unfortunate events, a rotating tree stand could easily outlive a normal one. And if we were to be completely honest, no Christmas tree stand lasts forever. Due to high pressure from the weight of your Christmas tree, or poor utilization, or unfortunate accidents and so on, they tend to broke after a few years, or stop working properly.

The difference between this rotating Christmas tree stand and a regular one, is that this one spins all the way around, not only two and a half turns. It is not hard to set, although the options for setting the tree in the stand are quite limited. You will have to keep in mind if you acquire this rotating Christmas tree stand, that you have to follow some rather strict dimensions of the tree height and trunk diameter. Since it has no grip mechanism you will have to improvise if the tree doesn’t fit perfectly. In most cases wrapping duct tape, or something similar, until the trunk fits perfectly in the unit, could be an easy fix.

The spin is perfectly circular at constant speed, not too fast and not too slow, extremely quiet and gentle. The cables and the lights are not tangling, since they are attached to the rotating mechanism. If you find that your tree is spinning the other direction every time you switch on/off the tree stand, don’t panic, it’s supposed to.

This rotating Christmas tree stand has 3 setting options

  • lights on, spin off
  • lights off, spin off
  • lights on, spin on


As you can see, it doesn’t spin with the lights off but who would want that? The only inconvenience would be that the switch for the light and the spinner is beneath the trunk, near the tree stand base. You can easily avoid laying down under the Christmas tree to switch it on/off by applying an extension cord, or even simpler by buying a remote outlet switch starting from a few dollars.There are some reports that this rotating Christmas tree stand didn’t work properly, but their customer support is very prompt, and solve every complaint in customer’s favor.

A nice trick
Insert a 5' shower curtain rod into the tree stand and attach Santa and his Reindeer to the top to create a mobile of sorts. Now Santa and his Reindeer orbit the top of your tree at the perfect speed.



Rotating Tree Stand for Trees Up To 7.5 Feet Tall – Review













            • Very quite, gentle and steady spin
            • No cable tangling
            • Spins both ways


            • Might require small adjustments to setup
            • Power switch uncomfortable position to reach

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