The Best Christmas Tree Stands for Real and Artificial Trees

It’s that time of the year again! the time of the year when the windows and awnings of houses are covered with bright and colorful Christmas lights. Nativity scenes, lit-up reindeer and other yard decorations are out on the lawns. Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time for the final and perhaps most important decoration of all. No Christmas décor is complete without the Christmas tree, and since Christmas tree come in so very many different types of shapes, sizes, and textures, choosing the best Christmas tree stand can essentially become quite a daunting task.


Real Tree or Artificial Tree?

Some people prefer real Christmas trees, while other people prefer artificial Christmas trees. People who tend to prefer real trees are usually folks who don’t mind the maintenance and mess involved with having a real tree as their Christmas tree. These people should probably specifically shop for the best Christmas tree stand for a real tree. Luckily for the real tree lovers, the majority of tree stands on the market are Christmas tree stands that are made for real trees.

People who tend to prefer artificial Christmas trees are usually the kind of folks that enjoy the convenience of being able to use the same tree year after year. The fact that there is much less maintenance and mess involved with having an artificial tree as your Christmas tree is also a good reason to choose one. Those who prefer artificial trees should specifically shop for the best Christmas tree stand for an artificial tree.


Different Types of Christmas Tree Stands

Even though it is common knowledge that there are all different types of Christmas tree stands on the market, knowing which ones are the absolute best Christmas tree stands is knowledge that is not quite as common. As with any purchase decision, there are essentially certain things to consider when it comes to choosing the absolute best Christmas tree stand for your tree. Ultimately, these factors primarily depend on the particular kind of tree you have and it’s overall specifications, such as size, weight, and dimensions. However, the perfect Christmas tree stands are the ones that can accommodate pretty much any Christmas tree, regardless of its size, dimensions, weight and whether or not your tree is artificial or real. Having the ultimate Christmas tree stand can be a wonderful thing because it virtually eliminates practically all of the potentially stressful work that is usually involved in choosing the best Christmas tree stand for your tree. All of the guesswork, the tedious task of researching various types of tree stands, and the overall potential stressfulness of shopping for a Christmas tree stand is virtually eliminated once you have found the ideal Christmas tree stand for your tree. And for that we tried to review some of the Christmas tree stands in the market.

Some people prefer larger trees (5.5 ft – 9 ft); some prefer smaller trees (3 ft – 5 ft). There is also a category of super-large Christmas trees that range from 10 ft to 12 ft or even as much as 15 ft). These super-large size trees are no where near as commonly available as the other trees sizes. Ultimately, your own personal tree preference will determine which of these top-rated Christmas tree stands will be the overall best stand for your particular choice of tree.


Some of the Best Christmas Tree Stands on the Market

One of my own personal favorite Christmas tree stands is the Krinner Christmas Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand. This Krinner tree stand is essentially a Christmas tree stand for real trees. With its 2.5 gallon water reservoir and its super easy and amazingly quick set up process, the Genie XXL is one of the absolute best tree stands on the market right now. Even though this particular Christmas tree stand is one of the more pricier one, its excellent quality makes it definitely worth every single penny.

In addition to the Christmas Tree Genie XXL stand, the Krinner Company also makes another truly exceptional Christmas tree stand. This 13 lb tree stand is called the Krinner Christmas Tree Genie L. The Genie L stand is another Christmas tree stand for real trees. Its water capacity is significantly smaller than that of the Genie XXL but it designed to perfectly support trees as tall as 8 feet.

Another really awesome Christmas tree stand is the Christmas Tree EZ Rotating Stand. This stand is extremely unique because even though most tree stands are made exclusively for living trees, the EZ Rotating stand happens to be an artificial Christmas tree stand. Its name basically says it all; this stand actually rotates your artificial Christmas tree to effectively display it from all angles. In my own personal opinion, the EZ Rotating Stand is the absolute best artificial Christmas tree stand on the market but then again, that’s just my own personal opinion.

The Cinco 7 Express Christmas Tree Stand is also another great stand, especially if you are on a tighter tree stand shopping budget. It’s not quite as easy to set up as some of the other Christmas tree stands, and its set up process will most likely require more than one person, but it does have a big 3 gallons reservoir with an attached overflow basin to catch any possible water spills. This particular Christmas tree stand for real trees is also one of the most stable tree stands on the market.


Which Christmas Tree Stand is Right for You?

If you are not on a tight budget and don’t mind paying a bit more for a top quality stand, then the fancier, more expensive Christmas tree stands with all of the bells and whistles are most likely the stands you should shop for. However, if you do happen to be on tighter budget, or perhaps you just don’t want or need a fancy and expensive Christmas tree stand, then the lower-priced stands are most likely the best stands for you to shop for.

Whether you’re type of person that prefers artificial Christmas tree stands, or stands designed for real trees, you can always find some of the best Christmas tree stands in the market right here online. For more information or to browse a wide selection of top quality Christmas tree stands…

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